How to Get Results from your Print Efforts?

It is believed that print media and the traditional form of advertising is dead and ineffective. This is false. Understanding how to create effective ads and print material is one of the best ways to ensure results with your print efforts.

Whether you are a global brand or an up and coming business looking to expand brand exposure, using print media and the traditional form of advertising is still a very effective approach to advertising. However, having the right advice is key.

With the above in mind, this article is written to provide you with some tips to help you get results from your print efforts.

5 Ways to Improve your Print Media Ads Conversion

Create a Clear Message

The first step to any form of advertising is having a clear message in mind. You should ask yourself questions like “who is my target audience?” “What are they like?” “what problems do they have?” “How can my service/product solve these problems?” By asking yourself these questions, you will be able to know the exact message you need to gain their attention.

The Image is Very Important

If you have decided to go for an image for your Ad, then you should think really hard to determine the type of image that goes. Is it a vector image or a photograph? Your image sets the tone of your message and thus creates a frame of mind for your reader.

Therefore, you want to create the right frame of mind at all time. We advise that you look through some magazines for brands with similar goals and see how they created their designs and ads.

Only go for the Highest Quality

When you finally choose the image to use, quality matters!

To help determine the right quality for your ads, it's important you look at the type of media you are planning to print your ads on. However, going for a high-resolution image is never a bad idea.

Be Careful with Fonts

You have chosen the right message, good. But did you know that your font can get your readers off track?

It is very important to be mindful of the font you choose. In times like this, you should remember who your target audience is as some readers can be elderly and will find it hard to read some too-fancy texts or tiny ones. The more legible your print ads, the higher the chances of conversion.

Use Call to Action

What’s an ad without these, right? But then, some people are guilty of failing to use the Call to Action.

Although top brands can afford the money to create ads with the aim of keeping the company at the top of your mind, you should not do the same. Your aim should be to make sales, or else you can afford to do so of course.

So, you must use a clear and straight-to-the-point call to action in your ads. This tells your prospects exactly what you want them to do after reading your ads. Never leave it up to your prospects to make a choice- be in control!

Businesses looking to thrive and outsmart competition in their industry should absolutely consider adding print media to their marketing plans as this will not only help them beat those competitions but will also provide them new leads if done correctly. With the tips above, we are sure you should be able to get positive results with your print efforts.