Is Print Still Alive?

The advent of digital marketing and the digital media has seen the predicted death of print materials taking the reins. However, these predictions have been proven to be premature over time as several big brands across the globe keep recording huge success with their print efforts.

As a matter of fact, print media is very much alive and healthy. Instead of going down the lane with the rise of digital media, print media has reinvented itself to create a shared market in the digital world.

So, if you have been pulling all your funds towards digital marketing, here are some facts to prove that print media is still alive and would yield results if you could invest some of your marketing budgets.

56 Percent of Your Customers Still Find it a Trustworthy form of Marketing

According to a recent survey, most customers see print media as an honest approach to marketing as it helps them feel your brand and build trust. Since you obviously want your customers to trust your brand, why not invest in print media to show how trustworthy your brand can be.

Even the New York Magazine Made a 44% Growth in Sale

Do you see the fact above? A dead market never has that kind of growth! The stats should be heading down!

With a little research and quality print consultants, print media can yield some of the best results, sometimes better than the digital media. You can ask New York Magazine and The Nation who experienced a significant increase of up to 65% in single copy sales.

Print Have a Higher Opening rate to Digital E-Mails

Do you know that 80% of traditional emails you send to your leads are opened compared to the same percentage of emails? Well, that's true!

One of the biggest disadvantages of digital media is that it is very easy to ignore. Deleting a message shouldn't take up to a minute. We can't say the same for a magazine or packet you receive in a mail.

Print Stands the Test of Time

Do you still have some of those hold stacks of magazines in your home? We know you do.

Although they may not contain the most recent information for research, sometimes it’s more fun to flip through those magazines than going through your screen. Even your eyes need some rest from those lights!

When customers keep your magazines and read through them severally, they keep seeing your advertisements each time they do. This goes to show that print media is for forever.

Print is Art

When was the last time you marvelled at a wonderful ad that was so beautiful?

You see, digital media can be effective. However, it limits your creative ability when trying to portray your brand values and style. With print, on the other hand, you can be artistic, creative, engaging or a mix of all. This freedom is the true essence of advertisement.

Although print media has had its ups and downs, we can say that print still has a huge say on the overall success of your marketing and advertisement plan. So, we can conclude that print media is not dead after all.

Print is very much alive and effective, waiting to be tapped into for unlimited possibilities.