Why Is Print Still the Best Marketing Tool for Any Businesses?

Unlike the digital nomads who keep pushing the belief that Print is dead, we at Print Masters believe that Print media is very much alive and active. We say this because we have witnessed firsthand the limitless potentials it provides brands looking to cross boundaries with their marketing plans.

Print offers the ability to use a relatively feasible marketing budget to reach your desired audience, especially for businesses just starting out and thus have a little or tight marketing budget.

We believe some people have concluded that print is dead when it comes to marketing. So, this blog has been written to provide you with some key reasons to see print media as one of the best marketing tools for your business, whether global or up and coming.

5 Reasons why Print is Still the Best Marketing Tool for Your Business

It Builds Credibility

This may sound surprising, but even in this current age where everything has gone digital, using the traditional form of media still commands great respect compared to its digital forms.

To benefit from this credibility, placing your print ads on magazines that have earned names for themselves and have a longstanding readership would go a long way.

Provides Maximum Exposure

If you are looking to grow your brand’s image, placing ads on niche-specific magazines with a growing list of subscribers will help you reach your target audience faster.

Most magazines out there are niche specific and so create contents with their target audience in mind. So, leveraging on print media like this will definitely yield better results.

Competitive Advantage

Placing your ads on reputable magazines will help add to your company’s credibility while also setting you apart from pairs who are yet to partner with such brands.

This form of advertising is significant because such magazine brands have built a relationship with their readers which gives them a feeling of trust whenever they stumble on your ads.

Improved Return on Investment

Recent studies show a 163% ROI for those companies that have incorporated print in their marketing plans compared to those who only focus on digital media.

This huge return is possible because, with print media, you can reach a totally new audience while sharing digital details of your company that they can use to find more details about your product or service.


We are sure you still have some old magazines you got years back. We are also sure you still flip through them every now and then. However, when you read an article online some years back, it can be hard to find it again.

With print media, your physical prints are always available for reread whenever the customer wants. Now, that’s how you stay in your audience face!

It's true that digital media is very effective, engaging and guarantees results. However, when used effectively with the right prints, print media is a very effective advertising tool that has no direct rival.

We say it’s still the most flexible marketing tool that works for any business.